Thursday, October 11, 2018

Solid Works 10/11/18

This week we mostly worked on finishing the solid works model needed to represent the robot we've built in the last few weeks (seen below). This has been a chore all week because of complications within solid works. This will hopefully be fixed within the day or at least by next week.

Challenge #3 10/8/18

The plan this week is to begin the process of building the arm needed for the next challenge due this Friday. So far, this is yet to be started, but will hopefully be functional by the end of this week. After the arm is built and attached to the robot, we will begin trying to to accomplish the challenge.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Weeks End 10/5/18

This week we worked on getting an official trial done to finish the challenge. The shooter, at times, seems finicky which effects the accuracy of the robot and its ability to hit the two high flags. Although, we did finish this second challenge on Tuesday of this week. Now that we've finished this challenge, we will need to move on to the next one. This next challenge entails hitting a high flag as well as planting a cap on one of the poles in the arena. Both of these objectives must be completed within one minute and is to be done by October 12.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Challenging 10/1/18

We have done the challenge in practice and finished the robot and we are just fixing it to see what we can do better. Our robot is pretty good and is complete we just have to work out the kinks to get it running perfect. Still testing out the robot on the 2nd challenge and have not yet completed hitting a flag on an official trial.

Friday, September 28, 2018

2nd Challenge 9/28/18

The launcher is finished and now ready to practice the challenge. The robot needs to be able to grab a ball and launch it into one of the flags inside of the arena. All of this must be done within 30 seconds. The group has been working on this challenge for about three days and succeeded several times, but not during an official trial. Once completed during an official trial, the group will need to be able to hit a flag as well as place one of the caps in the arena on top of a tall pole to succeed in the next challenge.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Testing Launcher 9/24/18

The linear motion launcher was finished at the end of last week and mounted onto the robot. Testing of the new feature has begun with the beginning of this week and so far proves to be pretty successful at hitting the colored flagpoles. The next step in this process is figuring out a way to pick up and flip caps on the ground and on poles. And of course the cortex still needs to be mounted to the robot.